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    Carpet is one of the most overworked elements of any home or business. Its fibers take a beating not only through high traffic and activity, but also through...

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    We’ve all been there. One day you look down at your once-beautiful upholstery and realize that it’s now full of spots, stains and pet hair. What once was a clean...

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Serving the Western Slope of Colorado!

Why choose us?

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Certified by the IICRC
  • Eco-friendly carpet care services
  • Affordable service
  • Member of the Carpet and Rug Institute

Pro Carpet Care

Every day we are surrounded by hazardous chemicals and toxins that are harmful to both the environment and those who live and work within it. And it’s our opinion that the cleaning industry is one of the worst offenders. Most of the products today incorporate the use of pesticides, formaldehyde, dyes, acids and fragrances that create health problems for those exposed to them and also fill the atmosphere with damaging pollutants.

At Pro Carpet Care, we believe it is our privilege and responsibility to both serve our customers and protect the environment by providing professional, eco-friendly carpet care services. In all of our carpet care methods, we use only soap-free, detergent-free and totally eco-friendly products that pose no threat to our customers or their property. And with years of industry experience behind us, we have learned how to provide fast, friendly service to both residential and commercial clients and what it truly means to prioritize the satisfaction of each customer.

Proudly certified and licensed, we at Pro Carpet Care offer excellent service in the areas of carpet care and cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, wood floor treatment and odor and stain elimination. We also offer the convenience of billing at a flat rate for each project, which guarantees that our customers will know exactly what they are paying without having to worry about hidden charges.

If you want to restore the sanitation or general cleanliness of your home or business in a healthy, environmentally safe manner, contact Pro Carpet Care. We’ll put our skills and service-oriented attitude to work in order to establish the safe, clean atmosphere you deserve. Call us today!


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    As the weather warms up, so should the atmosphere in your home.  A thorough carpet cleaning can give your entire house a brighter, fresher look for far less than you’d spend redecorating!...
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  • Protect your investment Protect your investment
    Your carpets are one of most important investments you make for your home. Make sure you protect that investment and it’s warranty by having your carpets professionally steam cleaned by a certified...
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