Pet Stains

Pet Stain Treatment

Pet stains are a part of life. Whether they are generated from your own pets in your own home or are a parting gift from the previous owners of the house you just bought, they can be more than just unattractive. They can be downright repulsive.

At Pro Carpet Care, we take care of the mess that our furry friends leave behind. We start by evaluating the area and assessing the damage. If the project is beyond repair, we let our clients know up front that total carpet replacement is necessary. Never will we begin a job that we know can’t be completed with excellence. However, if stain removal is possible, we will work to remove each mark and restore the sanitary condition of the carpet. By using only soap-free, detergent-free products, we also ensure that the resulting environment is safe for both you and any four-legged companions who may share your space.

If you are facing a room full of stains caused by dogs, cats or other pets, contact Pro Carpet Care! We’ll bring our fast, friendly service to your home or business and restore the quality and cleanliness of your property. Call us today!

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