Upholstery Cleaning

We’ve all been there. One day you look down at your once-beautiful upholstery and realize that it’s now full of spots, stains and pet hair. What once was a clean, inviting piece of furniture now looks more like a used dishrag in desperate need of washing. However, because you care about the people or pets who helped create those spots, you don’t want to expose them to the common chemicals used in upholstery cleaning.

Pro Carpet Care offers a solution. In all of our upholstery cleaning services, we use eco-friendly, soap-free products that allow us to restore the condition of your fabric and cushions without the use of harmful chemicals. Not only does this protect the environment, it also protects those who use the furniture by not exposing them to toxic, disease-causing materials.

All of our upholstery cleaning services are offered at a flat rate that is established before we begin the project and includes the total cleaning of both fabric and cushions. And, while not included in the standard service fee, we also offer the additional service of applying an environmentally safe fabric protector that repels stains and enables easier everyday care.

So, if your furniture has seen better days, contact Pro Carpet Care! We’ll work to restore the condition of your upholstery by providing fast, friendly service that is both good for you and good for the earth. Call us today!

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